Peninsula Adventure Sports Association or “PASA” is a not-for-profit corporation that supports outdoor sport on “the Bruce.”  What exactly does that mean?

PASA does two things very well:

1) It raises funds through events such as the Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race or “BPMR” and either earmarks them to sport groups, events or infrastructure that promotes the Bruce Peninsula, or distributes funds directly to community groups by way of its grant program.

2) Its members advise on and advocate for outdoor sport initiatives set out by government and non-governmental organizations and act as ambassadors for outdoor sport on issues ranging from town planning to provincial highways.

We feel that good health begins with keeping active.  We also believe there is nothing more motivating to keep fit than an event, club or activity that can invigorate the participant with fresh air and a bit of friendly competition.  We also feel that hosting events and operating clubs or outdoor activities are the perfect tasks which to channel our efforts, seeing as they not only promote a healthy lifestyle but when done responsibly create civic pride and engage many stakeholders in the community.  Keeping this in mind,  PASA’s official vision and values are as follows:

To support sport events and sport infrastructure, and generally promote all aspects of outdoor sport.

1. to develop recreational outdoor sport in the Bruce Peninsula
2. to support the development of competitive outdoor sport, and to shine a spotlight on athletes by supporting competitive events
3. to provide for the development of skills and knowledge related to outdoor sport

Top 3 Girls at BPMR Kids Race August 2012

Top 3 Girls at BPMR Kids Race August 2012


Top 3 Boys at 2012 BPMR Kids Race