Our Team


Bob Miller – Race Director and Events Coordinator

Bob will lead the Subaru BPMR committee and is race director for the sprint courses. He now also is the Race Director for the popular Tobermory Trail Marathon and the Wiarton Willie Groundhog Jog 5K. Bob has been organizing events for over 18 years and was most recently the Logistics Director for the nationwide Mud Hero obstacle series. He also has an extensive background in adventure racing, orienteering, trail running, paddling and mountain biking. He organizes the popular Wilderness Traverse 24-hour adventure race and the Snowshoe Raid for DontGetLost Adventure Running.

Bob joined the team in November 2018 to take the events to the next level.

Fun Fact: As of 2018, Bob still holds the course record for Long Course, with a 5hour 45min 12sec finish in a rain-soaked 2012 BPMR.

Saugeen Paddlers North Canoe Rendezvous

Jack Van Dorp – PASA President, Subaru BPMR Long Course Race Director, Volunteer

Jack leads the Long Course on Subaru BPMR raceday, but would give anything to participate. A successful multidisciplinary athlete in his own right, he is the race director for the amazing Buff Long Course, as well the event’s course designer, and is also the founder of PASA. He’s also the course designer for Tobermory Trail Race Weekend.

Fun Fact: Jack completed Speight’s Coast to Coast in NZ in 2010 in 10h 41m 49s, finishing 13th overall. He has also completed it in 2011 in 11h 58m 36s, finishing 9th overall.


Tien Angus – Flowerpot Island 5K RD, TTRW Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer

On top of her jobs in Tobermory listed above, Tien also sweeps the Buff Long Course at Subaru BPMR and has dedicated her weekend to that race since it’s inception in 2011. Tien won the 2017 Doug Cameron Award for outstanding volunteer of the year, along with her husband Jason.

Fun Fact: Tien is almost always the LAST person across the finish line at Subaru BPMR, thanks to her dedication sweeping the course. Please come at 6pm and cheer her on!


Amanda Herbert – Subaru BPMR Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer

Amanda takes a lead role with the BPMR committee managing volunteers. She’s a valuable resource for the 150+ BPMR volunteers as they try to make sense of this logistically-intense event. Amanda is pictured here with her mom!

Fun Fact: Since Amanda is now our Subaru BPMR volunteer coordinator, she is now banned from participating.

Just joking… that’s not really a rule.

me and gus

Tara Harpur – Subaru BPMR Chief Safety Officer, TTRW Safety Lead, PASA Secretary, Volunteer

Tara leads the Safety Subcommittee for all of PASA’s events and does double-duty as PASA’s secretary. She championed the Tobermory Trail Race Weekend and then shaped it into what it is now: a popular race and shoulder-season economic driver for the area.

Fun Fact: Tara raced BPMR’s Explorer (sprint) Course in 2011 with a teammate in 2h 30m 20s.


Greg Hollinger – Communications, Volunteer

Greg received his training in electronics technology, then worked himself into Industrial Engineering with firms like Raytheon and NCR in Waterloo, Ontario. Because of the capabilities he has in emergency communications, he saw an urgent need for an amateur radio component for the successful and safe operation of the Subaru BPMR.
“After an invite to a safety subcommittee meeting, all could see the need to augment mobile phone communication with a separate radio network of amateur radio volunteers to provide a “party-line” style of voice messaging that immediately communicates emergency and routine messages between the safety officer, transition areas, and any areas of concern along the racecourse.”


Jaime Balsom – Subaru BPMR Emcee, Volunteer

Jaime has been a proud BPMR committee member since the beginning. Her enthusiasm and spirit in the role as Emcee for this incredible event comes from her passionate vocation of being a store owner for With Love Gifts since 2007.

Fun Fact: Jaime raced BPMR 2014 Suntrail Course canoe team in 2h 54m 03s.

“The Subaru BPMR has been my absolute favourite committee to be a part of! With like-minded, energetic and inspiring individuals on our team, we are a family with a Go-Get-‘Em anthem and tenacity for giving 110%. I look immensely forward to the adventures ahead!”

Chris Hodgkinson – Subaru BPMR Lead Volunteer & Committee Member

Chris is a fantastic volunteer who is continually improving processes. Without him coordinating the off-site transition area, the Suntrail Course would not be possible.

Fun Fact: Chris raced BPMR’s Explorer (sprint) Course in 2011 solo in 1h 40m 51s.


Muffy & Zane Davies – PASA Executive, Subaru BPMR Committee

Muffy and Zane have helped shape PASA’s events from the beginning in 2011. They provide a community voice to all the decision making. They are also our boat loading and trail experts.

Fun Fact: Together they operate Explorer’s Tread in Lions Head, Ontario.


Leigh Grigg – PASA Partnership Officer, Volunteer

Pictured here demonstrating how he moves (his own!) bikes, Leigh is on the committee for most of the events and is the past race director for BPMR, TTRW and Jog. He’s the voice behind most of the blog posts.

“I’m here to promote sport on the Bruce and bring in some economic impact. I believe if that’s done intelligently, I can achieve my priorities of environmental stewardship & an increase in public fitness levels. I want to create role models for youth so that they become outdoor ambassadors… combating the appeal of sitting in front of an Xbox.”

2017 Subaru BPMR Volunteers

Relaxing under the library tent

Volunteers taking a quick break between shifts

  • Adam Akerman – committee
  • Sharon Andersen
  • Bill Allan
  • Sarah Allworth
  • Trevor Anderson
  • Nina Andic
  • Jason Angus – committee
  • Mason Arps
  • Pearson Arps
  • Goldie Bain
  • Luke Bain
  • Laura Baliant
  • Doug Barber
  • Joanne Barber
  • Esme Batten
  • Adam Belanger – committee
  • Sonja Belanger
  • Cody Bell
  • Johanna Bleecker
  • Steven Bognar
  • Andrew Box – committtee
  • Janice Box
  • Stacie Bracken-Campigotto
  • Grant Bradley-Low
  • Laura Browne
  • Frank Burrows
  • Pat Cavan
  • Carol Chitovas
  • Andrew Comission
  • Amanda Comission
  • Rita Cramm
  • Tammy Cruickshank
  • Emma Cubbitt
  • Graham Cubbitt
  • Zane Davies – committee
  • Muffy Davies – committee
  • Alyssa Davis
  • Ethan Davis
  • Spring Dawn
  • Michele Dejardins
  • Phil deKat
  • Carolyn Delkes
  • Tim Eaton
  • Jorge Escobar
  • Yessenia Escobar
  • Matt Etesami
  • Shane Fera
  • Tiffany Forbes
  • Dana Fries
  • Brandon Furlman
  • Steve Gahwiler
  • Jon Glavin
  • Suz Grigg
  • Sue Given
  • Nicola Gladwell
  • Megan Grigg
  • Frank Gufler
  • Marie-Claude Gufler
  • Tom Hall
  • Doug Hall
  • Dawn Harpur
  • George Harpur
  • Annamarie Harpur
  • David Harpur
  • Kathryn Hauck
  • Eli Hayden-Thomas
  • Lloyd Hayward
  • CJ Hearns
  • Dana Hewitt
  • Andrew Hibma
  • Sean Howell
  • Kathy James
  • Owen Johnston
  • Jill Kerrigan
  • Gord Klages
  • Bill Klingenberg
  • Kris Kreutzweiser
  • Chris LaForest
  • Marta LaForest
  • Melissa Linstead
  • Darci Lombard
  • Fred Lorch
  • Greg Lougheed
  • Evan Lougheed
  • Lisa Luyten
  • Abigail Luyten
  • Megan Mallard
  • Cally Mann
  • Brody Martel
  • Jim Martell
  • Martha Martell
  • Matt Martin
  • Carol Masse
  • Murray McLay
  • Laura McNamara
  • Milan Michera
  • Tyler Miller
  • Kim Morningstar
  • Nicole Morningstar
  • Caitlin Morningstar
  • June Muir-Duffy
  • Rebecca Murray
  • David Newcombe
  • Terry Olivier
  • Denis Olivier
  • Bobby Pavlovic
  • Sarah Peacock
  • Bruce Petrochuk
  • Justin Pflugel
  • Kristina Porr – committee
  • John Porr
  • Irene Porr
  • Anita Prange
  • Kevin Predon
  • Amy Price
  • John Price
  • Anna Ratcliffe
  • Ted Ratcliffe
  • Gay Ratcliffe
  • Bevan Ratcliffe
  • Allen Robert
  • Diana Ross
  • Roberta Ryan
  • Ruth Scheel
  • Fred Scheel
  • Cora Scheurman Schermaun
  • Mary Jane Schlenker
  • Fred Schlenker
  • Ann Schnieder
  • Mark Shouldice
  • Kari Shufflebotham
  • Sean Shufflebotham
  • Tim Smith
  • David Smith
  • Ralph Sprague
  • Al Sutter
  • Aaron Szimanski
  • Brian Taylor
  • Bonnie Taylor
  • Rick Thibideau
  • Issac Thomas
  • Emily Thompson
  • Jane Thomson
  • Dave Thomson
  • Megan Thomson
  • Heidi Tones
  • Patrick VanMyall
  • David Varty
  • Leo Verschuren
  • Tara Wilson
  • Deborah Wong
  • Laura Woods
  • Diane Woods
  • Cherry Wyonch
  • Joel Zandvliet
  • Anna Zandvliet

2017 Tobermory Trail Race Weekend Volunteers:


  • Amanda Klein
  • Anne McCutechon
  • Ashley Salen – committee (chair)
  • Bill Gowland
  • Brad Inglis
  • Brock Gayman
  • Brodie Martel
  • Cavan Harpur
  • Chris McCoy
  • Dan Simard – committee
  • Dana Holmes
  • Danielle Vaccari
  • Darci Lombard
  • Derek Elmes
  • Enya Kelly
  • Eric Lane
  • Erica Myles
  • Fiona Brunelle
  • Friends of Bruce District Parks Association
  • Gena Van Dorp
  • George Harpur
  • Griffin Salen
  • Hannah Brunelle
  • Jack Van Dorp
  • Jami Janknegt
  • Janet Heffernan
  • Jason Angus
  • Jeff Buckingham
  • Jenn Wynoch
  • Jim Ainslie
  • Joanne Barber
  • John Van Dorp
  • Jonathon Peppler & Family
  • Karen Hofstrand
  • Kathryn Hauck
  • Leigh Grigg – committee
  • Leo Verschuren
  • Luke Bellamy
  • Lynn Beaton
  • Marianne Wood
  • Mary Catherine Janssen
  • Michele Kitson
  • Michelle Hawkins
  • Nancy McAfee
  • Parks Canada Staff
  • Rick Salen
  • Rob Rouse
  • Robyn Simard
  • Roman Romaniuk
  • Sarah Gowland – committee
  • Sarah Peacock
  • Sheila Buckingham – committee
  • Stefanie Harpur
  • Steve Janknegt
  • Tara Harpur – committee
  • Ted Kaiser
  • Tegwyn Kelly
  • Terry Heffernan – committee
  • Tien Angus – committee
  • Tobermory Primary Place Daycare
  • Val Hummel
  • Valerie Gateman

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