Everyone who races Subaru BPMR is required to sign a waiver and acknowledge the risks of participation. Our priorities are fun and safety.  We want you to have a good time. You signed up for this race, and no one is making you do this against your will.

There’s lots of technical terrain and poison ivy. At times you will be very close to the cliff.  There are exposed roots, loose rocks, ravines, crevices, poisonous snakes, livestock, and bears, and various other risks that we described in the waiver.  All roads are open to traffic, and you need to follow the rules of the road. And its going to be hot.

So be careful.  Make wise choices. If you don’t think you’re up for it, don’t start. If you can’t proceed, call the Chief Safety Officer, find a marshal, tell a passing racer you need help, and we’ll come get you.  Obviously the deeper you are in the forest, the trickier that will be, and it might take some time, so exercise good judgment.

Each transition area has medical professionals, water, electrolytes, and dish soap in case you want to wash poison ivy oils or stinging nettles off your legs. Get a friend to do a tick check after the race.

If you’re lost or injured, blow your whistle 3x, and try to call the Chief Safety Officer at 519 477 2140.  She’ll work with you to get a handle on where you are.

Racers need to take care of each other as well. If you hear the whistle, blow yours 2x and play “marco polo” till you find each other, ideally without getting lost yourself. If you see a racer in need of assistance, stop and help them.  We can fiddle with times later if we have to.  Caveat: Do not move a racer with suspected spinal injury.

If you leave the trail for any reason (like to pee) don’t go far, and leave your bag / bike so the sweeps don’t walk on by.

The race countdown goes like this: “Ready, Set, “Risk!”.  If you aren’t good with risk, don’t start the race.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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