5 Years of Devinci

Owen Sound bike shop Bikeface Cycling has supplied the Subaru BPMR with what’s known in AR circles as the biggest door prize available: a new Devinci mountain bike.  A bike is given away each year by shop owners Doug & Patty to a random racer, with the only conditions being that the racer must be present at the awards ceremony (or still on the course) to claim it. The upcoming edition of the giveaway is slated for raceday August 12th 2017.

Located in Owen Sound, Bikeface is open all year and is already busy for the upcoming season.

Devinci is located in Chicoutimi, Quebec (from Bikeface just cross 10th St, head down to the St. Lawrence Seaway and hang a left at the Saguenay River) where they manufacture the Jackson, as well as all of their aluminum full-suspension mountain bikes, “100% here in Canada.”


Paul (2013 BPMR)

In 2013, the very first year for the bike draw, Englishman Paul Barton won a 2013 Devinci Jack XP after completing the duathlon and finishing a close second to Owen Sound native (and Bayshore Race organizer) Greg Nicol.  Immediately after winning the bike draw, Paul took the bike home with him to England.  Paul’s brother Andy is a 5-time racer & volunteer for the race.

On a friendly outing with friends in the Peak District close to Sheffield later that fall, Paul loaned the prize bike out to adventure superstar Sophie Radcliffe aka “Challenge Sophie” for a good rough ride.


“Challenge Sophie” riding Paul’s Devinci in the Peaks District in the UK


Aaron (2014 BPMR)

Aaron Cryderman’s name got called to the stage after winning the 2014 prize. He had completed the 25km course that year with his teammate under the moniker Cobra Kai.

He lives in Waterloo and spends every free moment pursuing his passion as a photographer. His trail of choice for his 2014 Jack XP is the Hydrocut on the edge of Kitchener-Waterloo.  This was the first time Aaron had entered the race but hopefully not his last!

BPMR2014 74

Aaron on stage at the BPMR with his 2014 Devinci Jack XP


Birch (2015 BPMR)

Birch Behmann had been involved with the race each year from its inception, moving canoes and maneuvering boat trailers like a pro.  Since winning the prize in 2015 he has been taking his Devinci Jackson out on a regular basis to the You Yangs Mountain Bike Park in rural Victoria, Australia where it has been put to the test on some world-class downhill tracks.

The park became “local” to him when he moved to rural Victoria in 2015.

“I’ve learned that a seat is not altogether that useful on steep downhill,” says Birch. “Luckily I have followed a few experienced riders to the top of the runs.  On one run, a guy looked back and said to me in a very dry-witted Australian way, “Arentchya gunna drop yer seat mate?” 

Birch has also taken his Jackson on a commute out to the famous Bells Beach, home of the Rip Curl Pro World Surf League event.  It is only a 30-minute ride on roads and tracks from his new home in Aussie, so he drops his seat slightly there and uses the bike to watch the event with ease. (It’s a parking nightmare.)

“I have been quite active on it,” continues Behmann. “It has truly been a good rig for me.”


Birch’s Devinci Jackson at the You Yangs in rural Victoria, Australia


Patrick (2016 Subaru BPMR)

During last year’s (newly-renamed) Subaru BPMR, Patrick Rose finished close to the rear – albeit with a caveat – of the pack and well after his name was drawn on-stage during awards.

The caveat?

“Three of us solo racers chose to mentally support each other [during the Buff Long Course],” recounts Patrick.  “We have known each other for about 20 years.  On the second mountain bike stage one guy took a huge crash.  We also had to stop about every 15-30min for minor repairs, [but we had] all said we would finish together as a team.  Trust me, I just wanted to go hard and finish this race, but I chose to sacrifice my race to support my friends.  So with a time of 10h 50min, we all crossed the finish line together.”

“That’s when it happened,” continues Rose.  “Someone ran up as I crossed the finish line and said “come with me.”  I followed them to the stage and accepted the bike from Doug and Patty, all sweaty, muddy and exhausted.  Doug shook my hand and told me to enjoy my new bike.”

So what has happened to Patrick’s Devinci Jackson since last year’s race?  He’s been paying it forward since Day 1.  The day after the 2016 race he had guests from Ottawa show up with a goal being to complete a 104km trek of their own across the Bruce.  So they were the first ones to use the bike.  Then later in the fall, Patrick’s bike was used by a ski group for training.

“Some of the folks I ski with don’t have a mountain bike… no excuses now! Who knew a bike could bring so many people together.”

Bikeface already services Patrick’s bikes, because he enjoys supporting his local Owen Sound businesses.  This year he will continue to “pay it forward” offering his new Devinci Jackson to his racing buddy who crashed last year.

“Let’s just say no good deed goes unnoticed,” says Patrick, “and let’s hope things go a little smoother for us at this year’s Multisport Race.”


Doug & Patty Miller

Thanks to Doug & Patty at Bikeface Cycling for continuing to support the Subaru BPMR and its beneficiary PASA.  Who will win the Devinci prize this year?

Well, the women are very much overdue, so stay tuned.

Visit bikeface,com for the shop’s great new website.

Visit www.devinci.com to check out the bikes.

Visit www.brucepeninsulamultisportrace.ca for more information on the Subaru BPMR.




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