Buff Long Course cap – 25 left!

As of the time of writing, there are only 25 spots “on the starting line” left for the Buff Long Course.  Let us clarify what we mean by “on the starting line.”

After you click the registration link you’ll notice you have a few options for the Buff Long course.  What you really need to know if you’re signing up now, is that we actually only have room for 80 racers in the solo/tandem category plus 12 relay teams of varying descriptions.

If the above doesn’t apply to you, you can skip the next bit.  If this sort of thing interests you, or if you’re waiting a bit longer to register (WHY!?!) please read on.

As we get closer to a sellout, we’ll make sure we keep some options on the table.  If we sell our last solo entry but have a few tandem spots left, we’ll shift the registration inventory so that you still have a choice.  We’ll do the same with relay teams of 2 and relay teams of 3.  What we can’t do however, is open up more solo/tandems because of the relay inventory.  Our relay team option is self-supported, so we’re able to accommodate 12 relay teams who want to race the Bruce.  Our solo and tandem categories include transportation by the organizers, so our cap on solo/tandem is set by our logistics.  If you’re tracking the #’s for some reason, we say “25 spots left on the starting line” because only one relay teammate is on the starting line.  We’ll continue to count this number down here and elsewhere online as it drops.  In the past, we’ve usually been left with relay spots available in the Buff Long Course well into the summer, but this year could be very different because our event has grown.

A reminder that we only award podium prizing for categories that have 3 or more competitors/teams.  This is why year-after-year we focus on getting you such a snazzy welcome package, a healthy post-race massage, awesome random prizing (see bike giveaway!) and a quality meal.  Everyone that registers gets the real goods outside of their performance.  This upcoming year racers that complete the course will also get a finisher’s momento.

Also, if that wasn’t enough incentive to sign up quickly… there’s a new course design in the works, in order to squeeze in as much fun/challenges/motivational scenery during your time on-course… look for a follow-up post soon from our course designer.  Thanks for supporting outdoor sport on the beautiful Bruce!

Happy training!

Leigh Grigg

PS. BONUS FACT for the readers who’ve read this far: there are still two solo kayak rentals available for the Buff Long Course, heavily-subsidized by our generous sponsors, as of the time of writing.

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