Boundless Season III details

By Kellie Freeze | Wednesday, March 16, 2016 8:01 am

Esquire Network announced the return date for Season 3 of its extreme sports/adventure travel docuseries, Boundless. The fun returns on April 12 when Spartan-stud Hunter McIntryre and Ultra-runner Rory Bosio join adventure racers Simon Donato and Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock as they compete in the world’s most incredible endurance races.
Take a sneak peek at Boundless, Season 3…

Adrenaline junkies, endurance athletes, travel lovers and lovers of general bad-assery: take note and prepare to revise your bucket list. Season 3 looks simply spectacular, with new races in cool locations that anyone with a will of iron and legs of steel can try.
These aren’t your local 5Ks where your prize is a lukewarm beer; these are the planet’s most grueling tests of human capacity and what separates the real-deal S.O.B’s from the slobs. And these events take place in some of the planet’s most breathtaking locations, so you can be in awe while your body screams “Aargh!”
This season’s grueling races:
•    24 Hours in the Old Pueblo- One of the largest 24-hour mountain bike races in the world. (location: Oracle Arizona)
•    Arctic Circle XC Ski Race – The world’s toughest cross-country ski race. (location: Susimiut, Greenland)
•    Adventure XStream – Over 30 miles of biking, more than 6 miles of running and 8+ miles of kayaking. (location: Moab, Utah)
•    Atacama Extreme Chile – Competing against one of the driest places on earth, racers traverse 100 miles as fast as they can. (location: Atacama, Chile)
•    Go Pro Vail-Ultimate Mountain Challenge and Stand Up Paddle – Athletes compete in mountain biking, trail running and a road bike time trial. (location: Vail, Colorado)
•    MTB Race Culture Velo – The longest one-day event in the mountain biking world. (location: Combloux, France)
•    Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon – Swim 0.8 mile, run 15 miles over seven mountains, kayak 7 miles and cycle 34 miles. (locations: Ardtalnaig and Perthshire, Scotland)
•    Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race – Athletes cover over 60 miles of territory as they paddle, bike and run. (location: Ontario, Canada)
•    The Swim-Run World Championship – Teams of two race together from island to island, starting in Sandhamn and finishing in Utö in the Stockholm archipelago. (location: Otillo, Sweden)
•    Spartan Beast and Ultra Beast World Championships – The Beast is a grueling 12+mile, 25+ obstacle race. (location: Lake Tahoe, California)


Image © 2015 HLP and Partners, Boundless: Simon Donato, Rory Bosio, Hunter McIntyre & Paul Trebilcock.

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