The Bad News: The Buff Long Course is full of poison ivy patches this year.
The Good News: The racer will not even notice.

There are a few treatment areas in place to deal with exposure to the three-leaved menace at BPMR 2015, but for the most part the racer should not have to deal with the effects of poison ivy thanks to race partner Veba who will be providing each Buff Long Course racer with a set of knee-high compression socks upon arrival at check-in.

“Veba Multi-Sport Compression Socks increase energy and circulation, decrease muscle recovery time, decrease lactic acid build up and decrease muscle soreness,” says Veba rep Peter Hibbard. “The special nylon fibers wick moisture away from the foot and leg so the athlete is always dry and comfortable.”

The Canadian-made and Canadian Medical Grade-tested 16-21 mmHG sock will help anyone trying to achieve their goals, but the fact that it will assist the Buff Long Course athlete in keeping away the effects of poison ivy is a bit of a co-incidence.  The race organizers noticed the poison ivy in late spring but Veba has been providing socks to the long-course racer since 2011.  This year, Veba just upped the gift to the Multi-Sport sock which retails for over $40 and happens to be knee-high because it’s a compression sock.

There is also the occasional patch of poison ivy on the 25km Suntrail SFA Course.  Although the 25km racers are strongly recommended to wear knee-high socks, but it is not currently listed as mandatory gear as it is in the Buff Long Course, due in part to the abundance of poison ivy on the run stage of the longer course.

A handy video on how to keep you safe from the effects of poison ivy can be found here.

Veba has supported the BPMR since Day 1

Veba has supported the BPMR since Day 1

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