BPMR Buffs® Around the World

Our ongoing “BPMR Custom BUFF® Around the World” contest will now ALSO award the following to a random facebook user for their photo submission:

“The BUFF® Long Course Survival Package”. The perfect package to protect you against too much sun (High UV BUFF®), to keep the sun out of your eyes (Cap Pro BUFF®) and to help to keep a cool head with their new Headband Tech BUFF®. Value: $91

BPMR is throwing in your choice of any of our 4 vintage BPMR Custom Buffs® from the olden’ days! Value: $25

Start SQUINTING through your holiday snaps to see which ones feature the BPMR Custom BUFF® in action!

Deadline is July 1st so get on it!!

BPMR Custom Buffs x4 11052430_811334032270640_1107853325932000514_n 11143317_814214488649261_2269866293179539344_n 9207369_orig CAP-PRO

2 responses to “BPMR Buffs® Around the World

  1. How do you enter a picture for the contest…not sure what needs to be done and is it open to the 25k race too or is it just for the 100k race?

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