New tonight: 2 things.


We are pleased to announce that WE CAN DELIVER a stunning, technical 6 km singletrack section on the first bike ride of the BPMR Long Course. The entire route is on private property. Permission has been granted to use it on RACE DAY ONLY.

There are hazards – narrow crevasses, roots, rocks, and unavoidable obstacles. A few places are simply impossible to ride.

Examples of obstacles on the new (optional) loop on BPMR bike stage #1

Examples of obstacles on the new (optional) loop on BPMR bike stage #1

The views are pretty sweet.


But it might not be for everyone. So we’re making it “optional.”

How’s it work?

–We assume faster racers will want to do it. Others who are racing more for the experience may want to take a pass.
–Marshals will be scheduled based on the fastest racers completing this section. If you’re at risk of getting ahead of the marshals, we’ll give you a map at this location to guide through the rest of the stage.
–Overall prizing will be based on times that include the loop. Loop or not, you’re still in the results.
–The loop is about 10 kilometres into the ride. The time cut-off for starting it is 10:00 AM. This is earlier than the time cutoff for leaving the post-paddle transition (10:15 AM) to help things run smoothly so that the last people riding the loop do not fall behind the last people coming off the water. This is important for overall logistics.

Summary: If you get there before 10 AM you have the option to ride the loop or take the shortcut. If you get there after 10 AM you need to take the shortcut.


Because of this late change, the “late-fee” deadline of 11:59pm EST tonight has been shifted back by 24h. Regular pricing will remain all day Saturday, August 2, 2014 and late fees will still apply after 11:59pm EST on August 2, 2014.

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