Training Tips for the BPMR



The Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race is a challenge like no other in its duration, mix of sports, and terrain, so it is important to have a plan to get ready for it.

First – how long does it take? The Long Course is about 100 kilometres long. We generally expect that it will take somewhere between 7 hours for well-trained athletes and up to 11 hours for people who are not as fast. Bear in mind that we do have time cutoffs (to be announced in early June) for safety reasons and to allow us to manage the logistics of the event.

The Short Course is about 25 kilometres long. We generally expect finishing times between 1.5 hours for the fastest racers and up to 3.5 hours for racers who are not as fast.

In terms of physical condition, you should be in good shape but you don’t need to be an Olympian. We have had participants complete it as their first race ever, and we have had lifetime active people in their 70’s complete the event. You should talk to your doctor before starting a training or exercise plan.

For training, you should gradually build up your endurance by being active in all three sports (run, mountain bike, and kayak). By the time of the race you should have completed a 15 kilometre paddle, a 65 kilometre bike ride, and a 22 kilometre run in your training (not necessarily on the same day) with energy to spare. You will find it helpful if you can do a “brick” workout. This involves doing two sports, i.e. paddle & bike or bike & run.

Some people find it helpful to increase their training volume and intensity each week for three weeks, then back off a little for a week, then build up again.

It is important to rest in the week leading up to the race to avoid being overtired – do some short workouts and focus on efficient transitions so that you can smoothly and quickly switch from paddling to biking, biking to running, and running to biking, without forgetting any of your gear and with minimal lost time.

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