REFRESH #1 – Long Course Relay Teams of 5

REFRESH #1 - Long Course Relay Teams of 5

Starting in 2014, Relay teams on the Long Course will have the option to add up to 5 team members.

The Long Course course has 5 stages: two are mtb, two are run and one is solo kayak.  A relay team will be in charge of their own transportation with the exception of the person starting the race, who will be dropped off at the start.  Teams can range from 2p to 5p, but each person must do at least one stage.  They can hand-off wherever they’d like, and as often as they’d like, as long as the handoff is at a designated transition (T1, T2, T3, or T4).  They must check in with the transition official at each transition.  With these rules, they may divide the course as they please.

The cost of a Relay Team of 2 is actually less expensive than ever before!  A team of 2 can race at a $200 rate until May 15, 2014.  Extra team members simply pay $50 per person, and get all the same perks like a functional & low-waste welcome package, wicked-awesome racer gift, a ballot into random draws, a post-race meal and the popular post-race massage, courtesy of Bayshore Physical Therapy!

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