The Multisport Race Legacy


BPMR Kids Race Participant   Photo provided by Judy Linde

What are the aftershocks of a unique event such as the Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race (BPMR)? At first glance, it celebrates the wilderness found on the Bruce Peninsula (including its geographical features such as its bays, thick forests & cliffs comprising some of the nicest landscapes on the Niagara Escarpment.) It also rewards top athletes with some prizing, and if you look real hard you’ll see it gets kids ages 5-10 “out of the house” & active with a fun afternoon in the park.

Peninsula Adventure Sports Association (PASA) sees the BPMR impact from a different perspective. Its goals for the race have been:

-Bringing in sport tourism dollars from out of the region
-Providing a stage on which local athletes can be seen & discovered
-Providing role models to inspire local residents to get fit
-Creating some civic pride in our community which spans the Bruce Peninsula

If you participated in the race this year, you can and should keep the momentum going by training for sport events around the region. Races to keep on your radar would include the Bayshore Race in Owen Sound this weekend, the Poker Paddle in Wiarton on September 14th, or more in keeping with adventure racing, Logs Rocks & Steel in Haliburton Forest on September 21st. There is also a fun event brewing at the Hiking Festival on October 4th in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

The Multisport Race is growing, limited only by the impact on the land, landowners and the strength of its volunteer army. In this respect, PASA would especially like to thank Lindsay Myles for doing such an excellent job coordinating the 121 volunteers, and for making sure they felt rewarded for their time.

This year the BPMR is proud to announce that over $2.5K was also raised for outdoor sport on the Bruce Peninsula.

Of course the event would not be possible if it weren’t for the generous volunteers themselves plus the not-so-mutually-exclusive race organizers, sponsors, landowners, the spectators, the media and certainly not forgetting the participants. One policy the BPMR has always maintained is that if a volunteer wants to race… they should! (That particular policy is in fact the #1 reason volunteers don’t return and sometimes makes our volunteer coordinator a bit nervous)

Thanks to everyone for supporting the race.


Leigh Grigg
BPMR Executive Director

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