Just Drop it When You’re Done With It

BPMR racers simply leave their bike or boat rental at the last transition, and focus on the finish line.

It’s a perk few races offer, and one that the annual Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race (BPMR) prides itself on: all transportation included in the incredibly-subsidized cost of rental equipment for the annual August race across the peninsula.

Boat rentals are at Suntrail – Source for Adventure in Hepworth, bike rentals are donated by Jolley’s Alternative Wheels in Owen Sound, and canoe rentals are now available through the “Outers” program in Lions Head.  Racers simply go to the BPMR website and follow the instructions to secure the rentals.

New this year, is the short-course team switch to canoes instead of tandem kayaks, and thus an agreement with Bruce Peninsula District School in Lions Head to rent and deliver rental canoes to racers.  The Outers students go one step further however and take them back when the racers are finished with them at the last transition, a big advantage for the participant.  The $20 rental fee goes directly to Outers, supporting their program.

Over at Jolley’s Alternative Wheels, an exciting part of the mountain bike rental is the ability to test out your wheels for a few days in advance of the race.  Racers show up at the downtown Owen Sound bike shop, located behind the TD Canada Trust parking lot, make a donation to Peninsula Adventure Sports Association (PASA) and take a quality mountain bike home with them to get comfortable with it leading up to raceday.  The real perk again is being able to simply drop the bike and continue running on the Saturday without having to return anything to the store.  Shane Jolley will taking care of that, post-race.

“We as a business care about our customers and we’re passionate about bikes and their benefits to society,” Jolley states.  “The BPMR seems like a great event and we’re happy to help.”

From past testimonials, racers seem to enjoy the rental program because it allows for a no-fuss approach to using the equipment while they’re focused on the race itself.  The boats & bikes are simply taken away by volunteers when the racers are done with them eliminating the need for roof-racks, carriers and valuable time that could otherwise be spent celebrating their achievement: completing a 25km or possibly even a 100km trip across the Bruce in a single day.

Suntrail will again be reducing it’s boat rental cost to $20 and donating half the revenue to PASA.  Both kayak and canoe rental programs include equipment such as paddles and PFD’s as well.  The mountain bikers are requested to bring their own helmet, but there’s an in-store discount at Jolley’s should they be needing one.

Suntrail’s Allisa Slumskie beams about the event. “It’s so great that this race happens in our backyard,” she says. “It’s wonderful that everyone from racers, to volunteers, to the sideline cheerleaders can soak up every little bit of this awesome day!”

“To everyone on race-day & everyday we say get out, have fun, stay fit and live your life packed full of laughter, good healthy choices and amazing memories,” concludes Slumskie.

The BPMR is happening in Wiarton on August 10, 2013.  More information can be found at www.brucepeninsulamultisportrace.ca or by visiting Suntrail or Alternative Wheels.


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